Friday, November 4, 2016

Indoor Yoga Practice in front of stone wall fireplace in California Canyon :: Steve Vai Wookam

Here's a time-lapse (one photo per minute) of my 24 minute yoga practice, inside my home, in front of a rock wall fireplace, in a California canyon. You're helping me stay accountable by watching and sharing this. THANK YOU, partner!!!!

This video is 24 minutes in 23 seconds so that you don't have to burn 24 minutes watching me do yoga. BORING. I get it. But on fast forward, to a song with the same track length as the visuals?

Steve Vai's "Wookam" was a little bit longer than 23 seconds, but I trimmed it to fit and the jittery, confused ramble matched perfectly with my time-lapse movements.

My intention is to use this song (without permission), as an artistic reflection of the thoughts I was having during these moments.

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